abstract painting

My gallery shows mostly abstract acrylic paintings, for some of them I use oil.

What is the best way to describe the word "abstract"? "Painting wich doesn't portray, but only forms something"; I'm leaving it up to you if you agree with Slovene dictionary of literary language, however; I do believe that emotions, passion, mood,...have their own image.

With abstract painting there's always a question: "What did the painter mean?"  And here's all the beauty: she/he  meant exactly what it represents to you. Every other enterpretation is needless.

Nowadays times are busy. That's why is very important that we make most  of space where we live or work, that we create...a pleasent ambient. How many times we say that some ambient feels so nice, that we really feel it, and how often we say: "something doesn't feel right in here...I don't feel the right energy." To make the best of our space, we have to put the right stuff at the right place. Painting can be a reason for your space to become perfect or it can leave you with impression that something is always missing.