My name is Annmarie Saša Prah. I was born in Sweden, where I spent my early childhood years. Now I live, work and create in Slovenia.

As much as I love my career as an elementary teacher, there has always been a never-diminishing desire to express myself as an artist. Just standing in front of an empty canvas and then letting some hidden, unexplainable force to depict my visions and feelings was something a could not resist.

So I started to paint in 1995 and I have been painting ever since. I most enjoy making abstract art, with majority of colors I use being worm and intertwining. I like to add letters, numbers and lines to my paintings. I strive to express joy for life, true feelings of happiness and vivaciousness. All that is reflected in the titles, too.

My work includes original abstract art paintings, decorative art, modern abstract art, contemporary abstract art, figures, cityscape, landscape, abstract nature art, geometric art, abstract original artwork and abstract fine art.

I get ideas for most of my artwork from the city I live in, nature that surrounds me, relationships I make, emotions I experience, feelings I have and the energy I feel.

I’ve been selling my art since 2010, always striving to incorporate the best materials and handling.

Thank you very much for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy the paintings!