I decided to buy it because they have a positive effect on me... a very positive abstraction.

Jurij Vide

Whenever I look at the picture, I see summer in it. I can feel the hot summer air, the overheated streets, and walls, people sitting in the shade, and live music from the pub around the corner. I feel that familiar summer laziness. Close by is the sea, the ocean, which beckons with its freshness and mysterious endless blue. The perfect contrast is the definition of my dream summer.  

Matic Škerlovnik

Amazing artist and love the personal touch to include a thank you video and art creation! Highly recommend!

Gary, Arizona

Dear artist..friend....thank you for making us happy with your creation, your mission! My home has taken on another dimension... and new stories are being discovered, raised, and written... Your pictures hide a powerful meaning... only if you want to see it. Everyone sees it differently. Depending on the period of life... depending on the day of the day, the light that seeps through the big windows... or the evening's romantic discretion in the embrace of candles, when they get a crazy magical elegant, glamorous note... Thank you. I'm so happy that I finally bought them and gave them to myself! Oh... and those gold leaves!!! Wow!!!!!  

Martina Vrhovnik

At first glance at the picture, we cringed. The overflowing colors full of freshness touched my husband and me deeply. The shabby painting is, at first glance, nothing special with six trees; the image carries within it a deep massage of the autumn overflowing colors of the beautiful and warm Indian summer. We are not sorry that we opted for this picture.  

Zdenka Lončar

I do not know why. However, your name AnnMarie was that first link to my unsung painting, Soothe my Soul that fascinated me so much that I wrote to you. And when I just decided to buy it, you sold it. And today, I stand in front of your artwork that tells me everything I need at a given moment... I can dream of summer, of the sea I love so much that I am in that little house that has a view of the endless sea that I am a yellow-green cloud ... and I won't tell you all my feelings, hihi ... it would be too long. Thank you for being able to capture all the magic of life in one picture ...

Helena Stegel

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