This painting means a lot to me. Its colours. I got it for my 30th birthday as a graduation, moving-in present. It's been a part of my life for 10 years. It's placed in the centre of my apartment and represents an important part of my every-day life. It expresses an end of one period and at the same time the beginning of a new life. Annmarie, you made a good job transforming Bangladesh into Hell City.     

Mojca Slak

We put this painting in a safe place just in time;) The very next day, the coronavirus pandemic was declaired.       

Klavdija Novak

"Goodbye summer" got a place in our apartment.  Thank you for having inspiration for this beautiful painting and for the colours that was created with, as it radiates some special form of magic.     

Helena Štempihar

A late memory from a penultimate living period of my mother, Vipava. It's a tie that she gave me. A tie of hand-painted help from children and for the children.  New Year's prank from Jadran. There is also the father of Slavica visiting. His (now mine) tie is a bond between then and now, and through this painting - is a bond forever.  Purple tones are found in the last one, the one that's truly mine. All are joined in a new formation, placed in a frame, glued, but breathing. I long for a new dawn, at the moment when my doctorate pervades me just before the end. A peaceful pedestal is a butterfly; joyful, but grey.         

Bojan Butinar

By looking at your painting, hanging on my wall, a mystical and hot mood arises within me.   

Sanja Kajdiž

I find your paintings full of power...passion...sex....and at the same time, some of them comfort me and put me back in track:)  

Slavica Popović

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