Blue path

original 20x20 cm

123,00 €

Abstract painting is a 100% hand-made painting, created by Annmarie with acrylic paints on high-quality canvas. Painting is coated with high-gloss varnish to protect it from possible dust and sun damage.

  • Art by Annmarie Prah
  • Stretched over wooden frame
  • High-quality canvas
  • Ready-to-hang
  • Signed certificate
  • Frames in images are for visual purposes only, painting in images may not be to scale. 

If you have any additional questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Painting description

"City" is a part of my new opus of abstract paintings that were created over the course of the last three years. Energy that rules the city is reflected in the city's heartbeat. Living culture is urbanly perfected when people feel fulfilled in the city and its streets. Streets are like souls of the city.  Every street has one. They reflect inner orientation of their people. Mataphorically, we can find ourselves in a dead-end street. That can be good, soothing, or even disastrous. City is quite complicated social event, always changing by time, by the happening and by the structure of people that live and work in it.  

My paintings reflect different moods, experiences, and feelings of my city and its streets. I've used different colours, colour contrasts and simplified figures to depict the pulse of my city. City in which I live and create. City that I love and accept with everything it has to offer. 

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