My abstract paintings I painted with high-quality acrylic paints. The combination of colors makes the wall paintings solid and impressive. For details, I like to use charcoal, which adds a touch to a modern image. I usually illustrate objects, cities, landscapes, and people. In an art painting, something is only hinted at or completely fabricated. Large abstract paintings tend to have bolder statements to the space and can significantly affect the atmosphere and liveliness of the room. I paint on canvas and use brushes and a spatula, which has become my trademark. The paintings on canvas go well with modern and contemporary homes. A certificate of authenticity proves the original artwork.


  • Dimension


    After the rain

    After the rain 60x40

    € 430,00

    San Lorenzo
    Original Sold

    San Lorenzo 40x120

    € 870,00

    Summer vibe
    Original Sold

    Summer vibe 80x110

    € 1.000,00

    Under calm sky
    Original Sold

    Under calm sky 130x200

    € 3.100,00

    Saints city
    Original Sold

    Saints city 40x80

    € 600,00

    Ocean drive
    Original Sold

    Ocean drive 80x60

    € 700,00

    Yellow life

    Yellow life 80x80

    € 950,00

    Chilly street

    Chilly street 70x50

    € 680,00

    Sea route

    Sea route 110x90

    € 1.400,00

    Autumn vibes

    Autumn vibes 100x120

    € 1.700,00

    Sarcasm 100x150

    Sarcasm 100x150 100x150

    € 2.400,00

    Quiet street

    Quiet street 80x80

    € 780,00

    Original Sold

    Mindfulness 120x100

    € 1.700,00

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