By looking at your painting, hanging on my wall, a mystical and hot mood arises within me.   

Sanja Kajdiž

I find your paintings full of power...passion...sex....and at the same time, some of them comfort me and put me back in track:)  

Slavica Popović

This is our artist AnnMarie Saša Prah...an artist, who's paintings capture things, meaning something to everybody. To me, it's my first dancing shoes I wore for the first time years ago. And I've finally worn them out. Now they are captured in eternal memory. You're cool, AnnMarie! My teary eyes say it all!  

Martina Vrhovnik

Paintings of Annmarie embody everything beautiful in us, human beings; creativity, aesthetics, expressiveness and a love for art. To have her artwork is lake being a part of her inner world, priceless.   

Nuša Podvornik

Your painting is close to my heart, and it represents - as far as I'm aware - one of your first creations. Joyful, sunny painting, stone house, summer, blue skies and a view of the blue sea. Every time it reminds me of some distant, worriless vacation, far away from hectic and every day rush. When I look at this painting, I think I could write a book of memories.     

Nina Sodnik Prah

I like your painting, because it makes me drift away and calms me down while observing colours and lines.   

Mojca Starec

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