Painting represents inexhaustible source of inspiration...It's interesting, optimistic. It's inviting you to take a closer look...only then you discover the words that tell and mean a lot. Namely, the painting is hiding lots of words that you need to find precisely.   Aleš Ravnikar Nepremičnine.net, CEO

Aleš Ravnikar

Hi AnnMarie! We love the painting!! It hangs in our bedroom and it looks beautiful We participated in a home tour earlier this summer where hundreds of people saw our home and we received many compliments!

Melissa Chamberlain

  "Impressive oil on canvas, bringing sunshine energy into our home" A big thank you and lots of success in the future, dear AnnMarie Sandra Penger

Sandra Penger

Awesome. Hot. Lots of things going through my head:)    

Miha Šetina

The painting brought solar energy into our living room and brightened up the previously barren wall. We believe that throughout the year it will be a memory of summer and the sea, which we all love very much. Daughter, who loves to draw, has already used your elements in her drawings.   

Family Škof

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